Mini Event Descriptions
Mini Event Descriptions
Mini Event Descriptions

2020 Mini Event Descriptions

July 9 – BANTABA: The Circle of Celebration

Through a high energy fusion of percussive dance, traditional music, and call-&-response, this program demonstrates both traditional West African and modern African American dance while teaching about cultures of on both sides of the Atlantic. All will understand how dance and music are infused into elements of everyday life in West African communities, and how the arts play and important role as an expression of cultural identity.

July 16 – Yosi’s Pajama Party

Yosi rocks the house with a humorous and interactive Pajama Party! Dancing, singing and a cozy bedtime song – story make it the perfect family concert!

July 23 – Tahira Folktale Fun

Clever spiders, signifying monkeys and grinnin’ buzzards are just some of the intriguing characters in Folktale Fun. This interactive program is ideal for young children. Performing with high energy style, Tahira captivates young audiences while imparting values such as appreciating differences and being kind with your words. Tahira’s folktales are inspiring, exciting and entertaining.

July 30 – Beyond the Beat

This incredible percussion ensemble offers a high-energy, tightly choreographed performance infused with fine musicianship, variety, instruction and audience participation. The musical genres flow from classical to ragtime to improvisation and more – even when rusty brake shoes, garbage cans, and wooden stools supplant traditional instruments. Astonishing teamwork and visual delight!

Aug 6 – The TurtleSinger

With her turtles Rocky, Gracie, Bart and Spike, the TurtleSinger brings song and education to children and adults alike. While singing songs about the turtles, children learn about the life and facts of turtles. Children participate in feeding the turtles and even watch a turtle race!